Maiami Fish & Seafood Restaurant


18 th Thetidos str, Thessaloniki,Greece

+30 2310447996


From generation to generation…

In this remote junction of old Thessaloniki, in the refugee settlement of Nea Krini, when the fishermen in 1930’s used to drew their boats. Older and young people were all gathered on the beach to take their fish through the nets, and some of them made a feast out of  the grilled sardines and   their ouzo. Small and simple everyday joys. In the difficult years (1945), young still, Dimitris Mamais, with a great deal of work and love for the people, built here his tavern. Born in his parents' tavern in Vourla, Smyrna, he is now starting to prepare all his traditional recipes in his own home with the help of his wife . Soon enough he conquered the hearts of the Thessalonians. In the summer, Miami, it was the perfect place to taste the seafood delights and drink their ouzo after swimming and boating. In the passage of time is the hangout of both ordinary  and famous people, writing this own story in our city. Now the legasy passes on from him and his children to his grandchildren.

Quality in food and respect for the customer were the basic principles that were passed on by the grandfather and founder of Miami, Dimitris Mamais, to the third generation of owners, the three grandchildren who took over 5 years ago .Keeping tightly to the principles of the grandfather and adding innovative elements to the recipes and service, Dina Tertsi, Gogo Tertsi and Dimitris Mamais continue the long tradition of Maiami adding new pages  in his book of history.

Besides, it's no accident that Miami is a suggestion and choice of good food lovers. With a simple, clean and comfortable environment,  away from the crowded center of the city. The rich variety of Greek fish available in it classifies accessible to every purse, as we would simply say. Besides the essence of simplicity, Dina, Gogo and Dimitris are also trying to show. Natural canvas the endless blue of the sea and the sky and the sun create the perfect setting every hour of the day, every day of the year. We invite you again not only to make a small odyssey to Greek gastronomy and flavours  .

We will be glad to have you soon.



The menu focuses on Seafood and Fresh Fish.
With a dynamic wine list, the best wine labels have been chosen to accompany the food.
In addition to the ala cart menu, we have suggestions in  set menus with seafood and meat options.
In addition to the possibility of a served meal, the menus can also be served in a buffet .


We are located at 18th Thetidos str ,Kalamaria Thessaloniki Greece. Situated just 10 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the centre of the town. 


Indoor and Outdoor Configuration

1.Waterfront view lounge
  It is located on the wave and has the ability to
  Accommodates up to 250 people in seating arrangement.
2. Indoor lounge
It is a hall with fireplace decorated in vintage style and can accommodate 150 people in seating arrangement.
3.Internal Terrace lounge
With a view from above all the Thermaikos Gulf can accommodate up to 100 people in seating arrangement.