Mercedes Taxi Club


Koleti 36 & Giannitson

2310 524499


Mercedes Taxi Club was founded to improve the taxi services with high quality, having asour first and foremost concern the comfort and luxury that only a Mercedes vehicle can offer. Our fleet consists of numerous and luxurious cars with which the highly experienced drivers ensure a consistent and secure transition anywhere you wish.

Therefore, a unique experience is surely guaranteed. Mercedes Taxi Club provides complete 24-7 transition services with the same pricing policy of a conventional Taxi.

 All vehicles are equipped with an Air-Condition System, Wireless Internet Access, Various Magazines and Baby Boosters. In selected models there is a TV, a DVD Player, a Mini Bar and Video Games for younger passengers. Electronic Secure Payment System is installed and can accept all major credit and debit cards. All vehicles are well maintained and frequently cleaned with ecological car wash.

Live the experience of the Mercedes Taxi Club!

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