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SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management LTD was founded in 1995 to meet the needs of the scientific community of Thessaloniki for professional support in seminar and conference organising.

In 2005, after 10 years of operation, SYMVOLI moved to new facilities, and the company expanded its activity to event planning and its geographical range to a national level, including Athens.

In 2007, SYMVOLI added new partners in its dynamics and broadened its business to Cultural Management and Cultural Events’ organising, while in 2009 the company acquired a permanent partner in Athens.

In 2011, with a dynamic profile in Conference Management, important collaborations in the field of Cultural Management, SYMVOLI designs and introduces to Thessaloniki’s tourism market, a program of thematic walks & tours in the city and the surrounding geographic region, titled ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’.

Today, having concluded 20 years of professional activity, SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management has organised more than 200 successful national and international scientific conferences, seminars, social and cultural events, with the total number of participants exceeding 50.000 people. At the same time, the company records a number of collaborations with national scientific and academic institutions, as well as international organisations, public authorities and private companies.

Through the company’s professional experience and its team members creative approach and expertise, SYMVOLI expanded its activity to Cultural Management and Cultural Events’ Organising, developing important collaborations with cultural institutions (Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Biennale - State Museum of Contemporary Art, PhotoBiennale – Thessaloniki Photography Museum), in the fields of cultural sponsorship, marketing and communication, designing and implementation of cultural projects as part of international hallmark events, or independent project proposals.

Our goal is to preserve and further develop our business activity both in conference and cultural management, driven by professionalism, consistency in our collaborations, creativity and innovation in our fields of activity.

Greece, and Thessaloniki in particular, fulfill the necessary requirements to become a conference destination, to cultivate touristic and cultural growth, and to be established as a reference point in conference tourism and cultural activity for the broader region of Southeastern Europe and Mediterranean.

SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management perceives this potential as a working challenge, and aims to be part of any effort for growth and development by updating and constantly improving our services, as a respond to the growing demands in conference management and cultural management

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